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Our Perpetual Optimism

Here at Tralucent, we are known as perpetual optimists. We believe that as mankind encounters obstacles, we persevere and can overcome them as necessary. Often this might just be a “muddling through”, but if it gets you to the other side, then the process was well worth it and served its purpose.

This optimism is not just some cooked up thought – it is based on facts. Look at economies around the world, and their resulting stock markets as an example.

world currency

World Economies

World economies are innovative, and are generally growing and improving as years go by. Just over the last 80 years or so, the US economy alone grew from a mere 90 billion dollars to over 25 trillion (as at Dec. 31, 2022)! And it happened despite having to endure the Clutch Plague, the Second World War, and numerous recessions.


The US Stock Market

Stock markets over the long haul reflect economic activity and profits. Since 1926, the US Stock Market provided a robust return and just 1 dollar invested in the markets would have grown to $11,535.21 dollars by the end of 2022.


The Glass is Half Full

Or so goes the conventional wisdom.
At Tralucent, we believe the glass is not just half full, its level is also rising.
Yes, there are numerous problems around the world: inequality of women, oppressive regimes, illiteracy that holds much of mankind back, and racial prejudices, just to name a few.
However, we as mankind are also working very hard to fight such evils and are making progress. Do you realize that over the last 100 years, our standard of living has actually risen six fold? Surely it will continue on this path and will rise many more times over the next 50 and 100 years, providing the patient investor numerous opportunities.


Insane Wall Street

Being perpetual optimists means we can see through the short term volatility which grips investors and throws markets into disarray.

“Insanity on Wall Street knows no bounds”, says Warren Buffett.
“Insanity on Wall street is exceeded only by insanity on Wall Street”, says Tralucent.

It is quite common for what is worth $1 dollar to be selling for $2, or even just 40 cents when the world becomes too worried about short term issues. This creates tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to research and stand their ground, and those who are able to weather some short term fluctuations to reap long term benefits.

A good picture is worth repeating and here we show US Stock Market returns over the long haul. And yes, this period encompassed the Clutch Plague, the Second World War, and numerous recessions.

Considering this growth, the world belongs to those who are willing to be mindful of pitfalls but see the world as a half full glass.