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Posts by Irim Siddiqui

Tralucent is a top contender at the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards!

Most of you who know of Tralucent’s strategy and results over the last fifteen years of Tralucent’s existence understand that our results are something to be proud of. Today, we are very excited to inform you that the Tralucent Global Equity Fund (the Fund) is a top contender for two awards at the Canadian Hedge…

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Market Corrections: a time to buy

As we write this letter, equity markets are down some 26% on a year-to-date basis, as measured by the S&P500. This is the worst performing first half of a year over the last 50 years. In this situation it is natural to be concerned. But it is even better to be informed. Please note that…

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Corrections that are guaranteed. Upturns that are inevitable.

At Tralucent, we just about guarantee that the stock markets will correct almost every year between 7 to 10 percent, and sometimes even more. What inevitably follows is the upturn, and we expect that the current correction in the stock market should be no different. The end to the Ukraine conflict is hopefully nearing, and…

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Federal Reserve Bank – NOT a Punishing God

In short order the Equity markets have declined some 10 percent from their highs. Why? Because the Federal Reserve Bank is very likely to raise interest rates. There is fear that these higher rates will then significantly affect the economy, which will then negatively affect stock prices. It is very important to keep in mind…

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The Tralucent Global Equity Fund: We are 2 Quarters In!

TGEF brings with it a number of benefits: The TGEF is comprised of approximately 170 businesses from around the world. As a TGEF holder, money buddies are extremely diversified! With great diversification comes the confidence to say that it is nearly impossible – dare we say quite inconceivable – for your money to ever go…

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