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The Tralucent Global Equity Fund: We are 2 Quarters In!

TGEF brings with it a number of benefits:

The TGEF is comprised of approximately 170 businesses from around the world. As a TGEF holder, money buddies are extremely diversified! With great diversification comes the confidence to say that it is nearly impossible – dare we say quite inconceivable – for your money to ever go to zero!

The 170 securities that make up the TGEF are, with very few exceptions, established companies from around the world, from various sectors and industries, and are truly forces to be reckoned with. We firmly believe that these companies have strong management and are highly competitive in nature and can withstand the test of time and will be around fifty years from now.

By reducing the number of separately managed accounts under Tralucent – such that most accounts are represented in the TGEF – it will be even easier than before for Tralucent to direct our focus to identify and buy ferociously competitive companies from all over the world that will be forces to be reckoned with and will continue to be such forces some fifty years from now.

TGEF A Units performance:

The TGEF A Units appreciated 4.61% over the quarter on a MWRR net of fees.

The TGEF A Units appreciated 21.50% to date (over the last 2 quarters) on a MWRR net of fees.

The last 6 months have been quite an extraordinary time to say the least. Faced with the Coronavirus and lockdowns, we did initially see a sharp decline in the global markets. After seeing dramatic losses, we have seen the world begin to adapt and change, and with that a rebound in the markets. Investors have learned that the world will not come to an end after all.

Tralucent’s efforts over the last 6 months:

As we have said in our previous Fund report, Tralucent has refused to cave into a bearish outlook. We steadfastly continue to look beyond what is happening now/what could happen in the short term and remain convinced that we as mankind can and will survive pandemic. Nay, we will thrive.

Tralucent’s Future Outlook:

Globally we are all still dealing with Coronavirus, lockdowns, and dealing with the virus. There is a US Presidential election just around the corner. To say there is a lot going on in the world would certainly be an understatement.

Tralucent has historically maintained a glass half-full approach to investing and the current climate does not change this approach. Short term noise does not change our long-term outlook: eventually the world will emerge from lockdowns, will learn how to handle the virus, and adapt and change to the political climate. Humanity has survived its history till now and will continue to do so.

Our advice:

Our advice is always the same, especially now: you should either maintain your TGEF holdings, and at every opportunity available, increase your holdings in the TGEF.

We are thrilled thinking about the last 2 quarters…

And are even more excited thinking about the future of the TGEF!

We are ecstatic that the TGEF brings our interests and performance to be 100% aligned with our money buddies. With the TGEF, we will continue to strive for higher gains through enhanced focus and use of shorting strategies of poorly run companies as well as investing in well run, fiercely competitive companies.

Please reach out!

As always, we are more than welcome to discuss any of this further via a telephone call or Zoom chat. Please do not hesitate to ever reach out.

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