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Down markets are a great time to get started with investing. Our Fund, yet another.

Down markets are a great time to get started: In general, almost any time is a great time to invest money. However, down markets become an even better time to get going.

As you are most probably aware, markets are down on fears that surround the effects of Coronavirus. We urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to get going with an investment program.

Our Fund provides an enhanced way of investing: We have recently launched our Tralucent Global Equity Fund. This Fund allows for diversification and, should allow us to enhance returns through shorting.

Aligning our interests even more: The Management of Tralucent has always taken pride in aligning our interests with those of our money buddies. Our company wide mandate is that Tralucent owns at least 80% of the holdings that our money buddies own. With the Fund we can take this to a higher level; we will be putting as much of our money as possible into the Fund and will be 100% aligned with our money buddies.

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