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No Cause for Concern About Recent Market Declines Second Quarter Performance: This year started off well for the stock markets with the S&P 500 breaking 1200 but since then these gains have evaporated due to a number of economic events. These include sovereign risks in Europe, poor US jobs data, the US housing crisis and […]

Recent events have created anxiety in the world markets. There is fear again that a crisis is brewing worldwide that will negatively impact the equity markets. Concern is now focused on sovereign debt. Greeceā€™s lowered credit rating, together with the unfavourable outlook for the debt of other European countries and the financial problems of Dubai […]

The bond market has continued to perform above expectations. We believe that the main reason behind the strength in bond prices is the fact that central banks around the world have expressed their desire to stay the course on their record low administered rate policy, until such time as the economic recovery becomes more firmly […]

The North American bond markets continue to trade within fairly narrow ranges. Bond prices have been tugged higher by the following forces: a low inflation environment, a still tepid economic recovery, and strong foreign demand for U.S. treasuries. However, a lid has been placed on the bond market by a heavy calendar of Government bonds, […]

This article is well worth reading. Mr. Buffett has a great line – “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” Now, more than ever, investors are fearful and so one can argue that this may well be one of the best times to buy! Here is an excerpt of […]