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Returns and Corrections, the two are quite related. Though we have talked of the subjects and they are also present in our agreement and terms and conditions in various ways, we feel we should further clarify the salient features. Long term returns, the drama, pain, and joy:  Over long periods of time, the Stock market […]

Summary: Recently, popular equity indices have been hitting all time new highs. We point out that this is nothing new: stock markets spend more time in record territory than otherwise and we advise investors to expect a lot more in years to come. Details: After a few years of getting over the pain inflicted by […]

Summary: The US markets are breaking records on the upside again. As history and fundamentals suggest, more will follow. We remain the unabashed bulls on the future of mankind; we are fully invested and urge you to think and stay positive, for not investing in stocks may be the greatest financial mistake investors will make. […]

Equity markets are not that easy to kill… In Summary: The European debt crisis, going off a fiscal cliff, an economic slowdown in China, and US election uncertainty has yet to stop the world equity markets from marching higher proving one more time that they are just simply not that easy to kill. Believe it […]

Summary: This is not the first time the world has had issues. Over time, the world has solved its issues and moved on higher. To be cowed in by those issues would have been the greater mistake. We continue to invest in high quality companies and urge you to do the same. The greatest mistake […]

In summary – markets have recovered to recent highs and a perennial question emerges: what to do now? We urge you to stay positive and buy high quality stocks. One more time, the world did not end… Last August, the market was down some 20% from its high. The media was full of reports of […]

We believe everyone who has any money in stock markets should read this article, as it makes some good points about how what many view as a safety mechanism in a stock can actually work against you, making that asset a lot riskier than it once seemed. Read on for the article: NEWS FROM THE […]

Tralucent’s views on equities in August 2011: Spooked out, and feeling depressed and confused over all kinds of uncertainty such as the US debt downgrade by S&P, the US economy’s future and the European debt crisis, investors have thrown in the towel. The global equity markets have retreated almost 20 percent between July 5th and […]

What to do now? The stock market has recovered from its summer swoon and is now back at its recovery high. Some have asked what to do now as they feel they may have missed the opportunity to buy. Do not be scared by PIGS and HOGS. The summer swoon was a simple reaction to […]

This article by Dan Richards gives a good feel for how historical data can help with understanding risk, reward and how to structure your investment horizon. Here is an excerpt of the article: Many investors are looking for a magic bullet that will reduce the risk in their portfolios without affecting return. Regrettably, until such […]