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Track Record

Tralucent Asset Management was founded in July of 2008, and here we present the firm’s various mandates since formation. In addition, you may consider the abilities and commitments of the Portfolio Managers who are the guiding spirit of money management in this company – in global equities, and fixed income. Their past successes and strong track records speak for their abilities.

Tralucent Managed Account Equity Composite:

In Brief:

This composite includes ALL of the Tralucent private accounts that have the mandate to be primarily in equities. The benchmark for all of them is the MSCI World Total Return Index in Canadian dollars. This is a dollar weighted composite with over 230 unique accounts and over 180 unique stock positions as at December 11, 2018.

Composite Breakdown:

The results presented are after fees paid by the clients, assuming an MER of 2.15%, and have been converted to Canadian dollars to be directly comparable to the market benchmark.
(Note: Figures are stated as Money Weighted Rate of Return. Information presented is not GIPS compliant)


Our process is fundamental research intensive, where we pinpoint globally competitive companies available at reasonable prices, have an ultra low turnover and ensure everyone is as fully invested as possible. Readers are urged to read our Principles and Philosophy section as well as our section on DOs and DON’Ts to get a fuller picture.


The out performance is almost all due to picking superior companies and holding onto them for a long time.

The Founders’ commitment:

Bill, the founder, has a substantial and significant position in this composite thereby aligning his and Tralucent’s interests with that of the clients. In general, Bill owns at least 80% of the names that clients hold.

The Unaudited Nature:

These results are unaudited. Tralucent believes the results are representative of its performance.

Equity Management Team:

Bill is the Portfolio Manager, and Michelle Buan is the Assistant Portfolio Manager for these accounts. Irim Siddiqui and Tyler White are Associate Analyst’s who also work to support both Bill and Michelle in the day to day activities.

Fixed Income:

Jim Lorimer is the Portfolio Manager for fixed Income securities. Jim has been an institutional Bond manager on the Canadian scene for over 30 years. He was the head of Fixed Income at Co-operators, now Addenda, for almost twenty years. At Co-operators, his performance helped the Co-operators Fixed Income Pooled Fund attain top quartile position over numerous time periods.