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Quarterly Updates

The Tralucent Global Equity Fund: We are 2 Quarters In!

TGEF brings with it a number of benefits: The TGEF is comprised of approximately 170 businesses from around the world. As a TGEF holder, money buddies are extremely diversified! With great diversification comes the confidence to say that it is nearly impossible – dare we say quite inconceivable – for your money to ever go…

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The Tralucent Global Equity Fund and You

The inception of the Tralucent Global Equity Fund: The Tralucent Global Equity Fund (TGEF) was official created on March 31, 2020. The TGEF was created through the consolidation of holdings from the majority of Tralucent’s separately managed accounts. How this looks to you and your accounts: Account holders were given an equivalent number of units…

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