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Tralucent’s views on equities in August 2011: Spooked out, and feeling depressed and confused over all kinds of uncertainty such as the US debt downgrade by S&P, the US economy’s future and the European debt crisis, investors have thrown in the towel. The global equity markets have retreated almost 20 percent between July 5th and […]

What to do now? The stock market has recovered from its summer swoon and is now back at its recovery high. Some have asked what to do now as they feel they may have missed the opportunity to buy. Do not be scared by PIGS and HOGS. The summer swoon was a simple reaction to […]

No Cause for Concern About Recent Market Declines Second Quarter Performance: This year started off well for the stock markets with the S&P 500 breaking 1200 but since then these gains have evaporated due to a number of economic events. These include sovereign risks in Europe, poor US jobs data, the US housing crisis and […]

Recent events have created anxiety in the world markets. There is fear again that a crisis is brewing worldwide that will negatively impact the equity markets. Concern is now focused on sovereign debt. Greece’s lowered credit rating, together with the unfavourable outlook for the debt of other European countries and the financial problems of Dubai […]