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At Tralucent, we just don’t put our heart and soul into it but also the Founder’s entire net worth! Over the years, we have learned the art and the science of investing. Making money, preserving it and making the best of it has become part of our DNA.

If you are passionate about investing and helping others, we would like to hear from you to become a Business Development and Marketing Associate.

Currently, the ideal candidates would be as follows:
– be knowledgeable about capital markets
– have a network of people that would benefit from our services in capital markets, and be willing to continually expand this network
– able to work independently from home
– willing to promote our simple, focused approach to investing in capital markets using a global approach

Please note that these are not full time positions with Tralucent. Compensation is variable and solely depends on the number and quality of clients brought to Tralucent.

If you are interested, please send us your resume to general@tralucent.ca