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About Us

Founded on a passion for this business:

Tralucent Asset Management was founded by Bill Siddiqui, MBA, CFA, and joining him are Jim Lorimer, Michelle Buan, CFA, Irim Siddiqui CFA level 1 candidate, and Tyler White, MBA, CFA level 1 candidate. Tralucent offers discretionary portfolio management services to institutions and individuals. We are in this business because we are passionate about it. You may describe us as some sort of investment junkies, because we think about money management just about ALL the time.

A bit more about ourselves:

Between Bill and Jim, there are decades of experience investing in bond and equity markets. Bill is in charge of global equity, while Jim is the fixed income manager. Jim and Bill worked together as Vice Presidents and heads of their respective departments at The Co-operators (Now Addenda). Michelle, Assistant Portfolio Manager, works closely with Bill and Jim to assist with every aspect of investing, analysis and client relations. Irim and Tyler assist with analysis, operations, and client services.

Do unto others what you would have done to yourself:

Tralucent has an excellent track record. This is because we are absorbed into the art and science of investing and obsessed with superior long term returns. We don’t just advise – we put our heart, soul and our entire net worth into it. A key component of our advice is that Bill owns just about everything that we put our clients money into.

We would love you equally:

As for our clients and potential clients, many ask – what is your minimum requirement to take us on as clients? Well, we would love you equally if you had a million bucks or more to invest, or if you simply demonstrate an ethic of saving and a desire to protect and enhance your wealth for the long term. Basically, our “minimum” is an interest in learning more about investing. We will sit you down and take the time to teach you about what we know, so that you will be able to understand and feel comfortable with the direction we take you in for your investments. And please, be enthusiastic and serious about investing! Ask as many questions as you can think of. Honestly, we can talk endlessly about money.

Our Esteemed Partners:

Tralucent works closely with several companies to make the investment process as easy and streamlined as possible. First, Tralucent’s track record is audited yearly by SGGG. As well, Tralucent uses two different custodians: Fidelity and Interactive Brokers.


Tralucent Asset Management is a Portfolio Manager (PM) and an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD).