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Growth for the Long Term

Tralucent offers discretionary portfolio management services to institutions and individuals.
We are focused on the art and science of investing and obsessed with superior long term returns. You may describe us as investment junkies, because we think about investment and money management ALL the time, but we are in this business because we are passionate about it.

We at Tralucent don’t just advise – we put our heart, soul and our entire net worth into it. A key component of our investment philosophy is that Team Tralucent is committed to own a minimum of 80% of our client’s equity portfolio in terms of names.

Principles of Investing

Conservatism, thorough research, contrary thinking, and excellence at value prices define the investment thinking of Tralucent.

Here, a focused approach to managing Canadian and global portfolios means using disciplined value principles. This consistent philosophy and process has been tested over several decades and provides outstanding performance.
Investment at Tralucent Asset Management is treated like a marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, the markets CAN be beaten...

Review our Track Record to see how we did it.

Trusting the process...

We believe that as mankind encounters obstacles, we persevere and can overcome them as necessary. Read about our perpetual optimism
Good copy of Long term returns

A Confidence Generator

As one can infer from this graph showing 200 years of data, the best place to invest ones money has been - and continues to be - the stock market.
This graph has been appropriated from 'Stocks for the Long Run', a book on investing by Jeremy Siegel.

Tralucent DOs and DON'Ts

The investing world can leave many people mystified with so many types of investments, investing strategies, assets mixes and risk levels.
Tralucent does have some strong opinions on what we believe are real DO's and DONT's in the investing world.